It has been a couple of days, why haven't you answered my support ticket?

The normal response to about 82% of our support ticket is the same business day.

Our support system will always send a reply to you by email when you open a support request. There are several reasons why you may not have received a reply, but in any case you can always login here and your answer will be waiting for you.

Top 3 reasons why you may not receive an email reply:

1) Are you using an anti-spam tool like SpamArrest?

We do not validate emails, so if you are using an anti-spam tool (like SpamArrest) then you may not receive our emails. This doesn't mean that we didn't reply, it means that the reply was blocked. 

2) Your email security setting may be too high.

If your email security settings are too high, it could block our emails. Check your SPAM or junk folder.

3) You may have used expletives or profanity in your email. 

Inquiries containing expletives, profanity or those deemed excessively rude will be deleted without a response. We are here to help, not be abused. Regardless of your issue there is no reason to be rude.


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